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Ad Communal strives to have top branded, high converting, and niche advertiser offers within its roster.

Community input as to what offers to add to the network is always encouraged as this will ensure you a higher ROI on your current top performers, especially once enrolled as an Ambassador, receiving 100% of the bounty.

Thanks for reading about this program. You can; join, read reviews, or add your own feedback about the program, positive and negative welcome so please share praise or complaints.

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2 Affiliate Reviews of “AdCommunal.com”

AdCommunal.com reviewed by Becky G. in January 2009

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We have been a member of adcommunal since they opened.
This is one of the top notch networks to belong to. Their support is one of the best out there, and their payouts are some of the highest.
If I were to rate the support on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be a 10.
They offer many different offers from incentive to non incentive.
Deffinately a site worth joining. All payments have always been paid on time.
They let us know as soon as offers expire and offers come in as new. To me this is very important. Nothing is more frustrating than to belong to a network who does not tell you these things, and you have to find out from members that an offer you just added is expired. etc.

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AdCommunal.com reviewed by David B. in January 2009

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This network is awesome for just about any site, from dating offers to incent offers, to debt offers this network has it all. And if that isnt enough, my affiliate manager is always helpful and keeps me on top of my game. Also their payments get mailed out on time, this network is def. worth looking at!

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