What web hosting you need to setup an adult affiliate money making business!

If you want to make good money in this industry you are going to need decent hosting. The reason is cheap web hosting providers are slow and the support isn’t as good as more premium services. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

The good news is that the difference between a cheap host and paying a little bit more really isn’t that. You can get awesome services for under $10 per month. Depending on what revenue streams you will have that should make up a tiny percentage of the cash coming into your bank account.

Here we will take a look at some of the adult web hosts you could use. Remember to stick with these sorts of companies that are happy with 18+ content. Lots of providers aren’t. They have it written in their terms and conditions that no adult material is allowed. That is why you need to be careful and why this guide has been published.

Package prices

Hostgator package prices

One of the most popular companies to go with is Hostgator. They are very well established, have a good reputation and prices are very competitive. They have a range of packages to suit all webmasters depending on what type of adult site you want to run.

Another good company to consider is Steady cloud. Check out their website to see what they offer.

If you are concerned about your privacy for whatever reason then one company you should consider is called Abelohost. They are located in Holland and I understand that there’s certain laws in place that can protect your privacy.

For more information on revenue opportunities and to help you get ideas for your websites please read the adult affiliation page. It may help you come up with thoughts and work out what will be most profitable.

There are other service providers out there but these are some of the more well-known ones. When a company has been around for a long time and has a decent public profile you know they must offer a decent level of service to their customers otherwise they wouldn’t survive.

Don’t get too hung up on discounts for your hosting. What’s the point in waiting 4 months for a sale to be on. That time waiting will be time not building up the business meaning lost revenues. Far from saving you money it will actually cost you cash.